Regulating Commercial Vehicles

Many governing documents for community associations include provisions restricting "commercial vehicles" from being parked within the community. The intent of such provisions was to prevent the members from having to always see a large, sometimes-flashy, often-gaudy trucks or vans every day for the rest of their lives. However, often, the restrictions will not provide a […]

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Three Important Considerations for New Business Owners

At DHN Attorneys, we often represent first-time entrepreneurs who are either looking to start a new business or even purchase an existing one. This is an exciting time for anyone, but the decisions you make at this juncture will greatly affect the success of your business. Of course, any attorney will tell you that the […]

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Stay up to date on staying up to date: New MRTA changes in 2018

Effective October 1, 2018, House Bill 617 from the Florida legislature created additional methods for preserving covenants and restrictions. Previously, the preservation process provided that only homeowners associations could preserve their covenants and restrictions and was limited as far as the procedures available for achieving preservation. The new Fla. Stat. § 712.05 provides three methods […]

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Zombie House Apocalypse!

This article was originally published to our newsletter in Fall 2016 and is being re-posted here. It’s autumn season, and the hot Florida sun has given way to cooler temperatures and shorter days. As you walk outside, you notice that things seem unusually quiet this evening. A few birds flutter overhead, but the crickets have […]

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Three Key Considerations for your Community for Hurricane Season

Floridians are no strangers to tropical storms and hurricanes, but many still fail to take the proper precautions every season, including community associations.  It is never too early to prepare your community for hurricanes, but there is a point where it can be too late.  Here are 3 simple things to keep in mind as […]

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5 Simple Tips for Running an Efficient Board Meeting

If you’re reading this post, then you’re likely a board member of a homeowners association or condominium association or the manager tasked with preparing for and chairing a board meeting. At DHN Attorneys, our clients include not only community associations, but multiple businesses in Central Florida, including Fortune Inc. Fast 500 companies and large charities. […]

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DHN Attorneys announces new addition to our growing team!

We are excited to introduce a new addition to our team! Join us in welcoming Amanda Penn, a Florida Registered Paralegal with over 10 years of experience, who started with us a few months ago. Amanda was born and raised in Florida. Amanda’s passion for law began from watching TV shows like Perry Mason, Matlock […]

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Alterations, Small or Large, Are Still Alterations

There are many considerations when making changes to the common areas of your condo association.  How much will it cost? Are bids required? What materials are needed? Before any of these questions can be answered, however, the first question a Board should ask is: Whether a board vote or membership vote is needed to approve […]

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DHN Attorneys announces two attorneys have been named to Florida Legal Elite 2018!

For the 15th year, Florida Trend has presented Florida Legal Elite awards to the state’s top attorneys. A recognition list which only 1.5% of Florida attorneys who are currently licensed, and practicing were selected. Nominations began in October 2017, when colleagues across the state voted and nominated Attorneys whom they believe would hold the highest […]

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