Seeing Signs

November 21, 2023

The sign at the entrance or reception area of a business is often one of the first things you notice when you enter. More than just displaying the business’ branding and identity, it sends a subtle message that the business is established and, hopefully, here to stay.

When I started DHN Attorneys in November 2013, after buying computers and furniture for our small team, I couldn’t afford a professional sign. Knowing we needed something to fill the void, I bought a glass top table from Ikea for less than $50 and printed a custom decal with our original logo for another $20. Placing the decal proved to be far more difficult than I anticipated, but I got the job done, imperfections and all.

This original sign hung behind our receptionist desk for our first 4 years of operation. At our dinner celebrating our 10 year anniversary, several former members of our team left well wishes and autographed the sign symbolizing the marks they’ve made on me and on our office.

Today, we are no longer renting a back office from another law firm. A professional sign hangs on the exterior of the new office we purchased a little more than a year ago. Like its predecessor, the new sign signifies that we’re established and here to stay.

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