We Provide Legal Support for Florida’s Communities
A community association is comprised of residential or commercial property owners, in a specified geographic area, that have agreed to be governed by a set of restrictions for the
purpose of preserving the value of the properties and maintaining common areas and amenities.

A community association can be a a single-family housing development, a townhome development, a condominium, or a business complex such as a shopping center. A community association is generally started by the real estate developer prior to the sale of any lots or units by filing the governing documents with the state and county government agencies.
Common governing documents include the articles of incorporation, the bylaws, a declaration of covenants, conditions, and restrictions.

DHN Attorneys has been retained by hundreds of community associations throughout Central Florida. We have extensive experience handling legal matters involving your community association.
Guiding Communities
We provide assistance with:

General legal counsel - Whether it be attending your board meeting, amending your
governing documents, reviewing your contracts, or assisting with turnover, our attorneys have
the experience to guide you through the process. Our clients know that if they need a quick
answer, we’re always available to discuss.

• Contract Review
• Amendments and Resolutions
• Corporate Advice

Collection of assessments - Part of building a community involves understanding that
good, responsible people can face financial difficulty. We treat your neighbors with respect and
courtesy. Our efficient processes and our low flat rates make the collections process quicker
and smoother so you can get your money sooner.

• Recording liens
• Foreclosure
• Negotiation of repayment arrangements

Enforcement of restrictive covenants - We are firm on enforcement. For your community
to have faith in the Board and for your restrictions to have any impact, your documents must be
enforced fairly and uniformly. We can help resolve violation matters amicably and have the
experience to mediate, or litigate, if necessary.

• Violation notices
• Mediation
• Injunctions

Hassle-Free Billing

We always aim to provide our clients with a simple, straight-forward, and transparent experience. For that reason, we bill many of the services we provide on a flat-fee basis. Our flat-fee structure allows our clients to plan their budget and maintain a level of comfort when communicating with us. Our flat fees for collections and violations include unlimited e-mails and conversations with your attorney for updates and strategies

We offer flat fees for the following:
• Demand letters and liens for collections and violations
• Monitoring foreclosures and bankruptcy
• Payment plan negotiations
• Evictions
• Quiet Title

Most importantly, for most of these tasks, our flat fees are deferred, meaning no fee is paid by our clients up front. This allows our clients to engage our services and seek to have the other side pay for our fees. This gives our clients the flexibility to proceed on debt collection and covenant enforcement without seeing a bill up front. This removes one of the barrier of sending a file to your attorney, which in turn can make sure you’re represented sooner and a resolution obtained quicker.

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Get in Touch with a Florida Community Association Attorney

At DHN Attorneys, we have a history of maintaining lasting relationships with our clients. When
contacted to resolve a legal issue, we will work diligently to obtain the best possible resolution.
We work collaboratively with board managers, board members, and management companies to
provide counsel and clarity on issues of the law. Call us at (407) 269-5346 for an initial
consultation to discuss your community association needs.


Providing legal support for all your real estate transactions
A real estate transaction can be both exhilarating and overwhelming, whether you are the seller, the potential buyer, or the lessee. For many individuals, it can be the beginning of a new and exciting journey in their lives. For others, it can be a time of hardship when facing a short sale, foreclosure, or an eviction. The role of a real estate attorney is to be sensitive to their client’s needs, and guide them through the process of purchasing, selling, or leasing a property. The services of a skilled real estate attorney are invaluable in protecting their client’s interests. Real estate transactions involve large investments and financial risks that are minimized with
knowledgeable legal counsel. As commercial and residential real estate attorneys, DHN Attorneys provides advice in all matters pertaining to the acquisition or sale of property and
lease agreements in the state of Florida.
Widening Opportunities
A real estate attorney can assist with:

• Negotiations of terms and conditions in the contract and closing documents.
• Reviewing inspection reports for environmental hazards and building defects.
• Procurement and review of a survey and appraisal of the property.
• Drafting of purchase contracts and closing documents.
• Drafting of documents and negotiating with the lenders or buyers.
• Facilitate transfer of title.
• Landlord or tenant lease negotiation


Buying a home or purchasing property may be the largest and most expensive purchase you
will ever make. There are many laws that govern real estate. Hiring a real estate lawyer to
handle your closing and guide you through the legal process can help protect your investment.
A seasoned real estate attorney will prepare and review purchase agreements, mortgage
documents, title documents, transfer documents and use foresight to anticipate potential issues
that may arise in the future. The sooner you can get an attorney involved on your behalf in your
real estate transaction, the more likely issues can be spotted and dealt with.

Real Estate Litigation

Commercial and residential sales and lease agreements are subject to disputes and litigation
when one party believes the other has breached the contract. Whether it is a single-family
home, an office building, a hotel, or other business establishment, there are many types of
disputes that can occur in real estate. They may require negotiation of settlements or court room
litigation. Disputes may include purchase and sale agreements, land use and zoning disputes,
construction issues, property management disputes, adverse possession, eminent domain,
lender issues, evictions, and environmental issues.

We Want to See You Succeed!

In all real estate transactions, communication and knowledge of the law is essential for a
smooth transaction. This includes the interactions between the buyer, seller, real estate broker,
surveyors, lenders, insurance companies, and other parties. At DHN Attorneys, we pride
ourselves on building relationships and resolving issues through perseverance and trust. We
know that each case is unique and our reputation for successful representation of our clients is
the result of teamwork, a positive attitude, and honesty.


Business law encompasses a wide range of elements that affect operations in all aspects of corporate establishments. This includes business formation and growth, the hiring and
managing of employees, the acquisition or sale of property, the closing a business or negotiation of contracts. Providing these services requires an attorney that is experienced in research, contract management, negotiations, and dispute resolution. Whether you’re starting a new business or expanding your existing venture, DHN Attorneys has the requisite skills and
experience to achieve the best possible resolution for your business.
Creative Solutions for Small Businesses 
Examples of when you may require a business attorney:

Entrepreneurs have many choices in deciding on an appropriate business structure. A
business attorney can advise whether a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company, a
partnership, or an alternative business entity will best meet their needs.

Business growth is often accompanied by the acquisition of another location or another
company. Some examples are the purchase or lease of commercial land or a building. A
business attorney provides invaluable experience in representing clients by researching
laws, zoning issues, drafting contracts, and handling negotiations and financing options.

Commercial lawsuits occur for many reasons. They include contract disagreements, civil
claims, partnership issues, or product failure. Disputes are often with contractors, suppliers,
or partners. Legal representation can minimize a company’s liability through negotiations or
contracts that require parties to seek alternative dispute resolution through mediation or
arbitration in lieu of a more formalized court proceeding.

Let us assist you with your vision and goals for your business!

DHN Attorneys works diligently for their clients to advise them of their legal rights,
responsibilities, and obligations for their respective legal dilemmas. Being proactive in getting
legal counsel is advantageous for guarding your assets and minimizing liability. Our business
clients include community associations, management companies, restaurant owners, land
developers, realtors, creditors, lenders and foreign nationals. We pride ourselves on working
respectfully and collaboratively with our clients for creative solutions to problems. Call us today
at (407) 269-5346 for an appointment.

creditors &

After almost a decade of representing exclusively creditors in bankruptcy matters, we have found that many debtors are individuals or businesses that simply need help sorting their financial obligations and getting back on their feet. We're proud now to offer this experience to help debtors (individuals or businesses) who have faced financial challenges due to these uncertain economic times. Qualifying for bankruptcy is the first step you can take towards achieving a fresh financial start.
Helping You Get Back on Your Feet
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy may allow you to permanently discharge certain debts in exchange for
the sale of nonexempt assets. Perhaps most importantly, once you file for bankruptcy
protection, an automatic stay against your creditors' collections actions is imposed, and they'll
be required to take action through the bankruptcy court instead.

Once you contact our office, we determine whether you qualify for a discharge based on a
"means" test. This means that that you do not have the financial ability at this time to fulfill your
obligations to your creditors over a 3-5 year period.

Here are just some of the potential benefits of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

• Discharges unsecured debts that are not attached to any collateral, such as credit card
• Discharges judgments from lawsuits where the underlying debts are medical debts, credit
cards, payday loans, broken apartment leases, car repossession debt, debts from
unemployment and social security income over-payments, etc.
• Enables you to discharge your mortgage debts if you surrender your home, but does not
allow you to keep your home if you discharge the mortgages and stop paying paying them.
The same is true if you surrender your car and discharge the automobile loan.


DHN Attorneys offers comprehensive Wills and Trusts services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our experienced legal team understands the importance of estate planning and is dedicated to ensuring your assets are protected and distributed according to your wishes. We provide personalized guidance on creating a will, establishing various types of trusts, and navigating the complexities of estate and trust administration. Whether you're looking to secure your family's future, minimize estate taxes, or appoint guardians for your children, DHN Attorneys is here to provide expert advice and peace of mind through every step of the process.
Securing Your Legacy
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