Are Your Collections Efforts Violations of the Florida Fair Housing Act?

Our office recently handled a case that presented a rather unique issue. A disabled owner of a condominium unit challenged our refusal to approve her request for a prolonged repayment term for being discriminatory against her. Ultimately the Florida Commission on Human Relations found no cause to prosecute our client, but keep reading to find […]

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Challenging Airbnb Rentals as a Homeowners Association

Tourists from all over the world are drawn to Central Florida due to our world class attractions and theme parks. While tourism drives the economy, locals know to avoid International Drive in Orlando or basically anywhere near the many hotels and resorts catering to out-of-towners. But with the advent of online third-party rental sites, such […]

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Attention CAMs and Board Members: Summary of Legislative Changes for 2017

CONDOMINIUMS HB 1237- EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2017 This bill makes various changes to Florida’s Condominium Law, Chapter 718, Florida Statutes. Of particular interest: Legal penalties are imposed for voting fraud in the context of condominium elections, theft, embezzlement of funds and tampering with association official records; A pending criminal charge against an officer or director […]

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Should you let sleeping (service) dogs lie?

Many boards are receiving requests for accommodation for purported service animals. But is it fair to be skeptical about certificates purchased from purported registries? We explore some considerations for boards in granting accommodations for service or emotional support animals. Pet restrictions can serve very legitimate purposes, particularly in condominiums or townhomes with owners living in […]

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Is your President Doing Too Much?

Being President of a community can be an arduous task, and we commend you if you've stepped up to this position! It's one that comes with a lot of responsibility, because whether it's accurate or not, your neighbors and vendors will think you speak and act on behalf of the rest of the Board. That appearance […]

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Crossing the Line

If you are a board member or a licensed community association manager, you’ve probably reviewed an invoice from your collections services provider, whether it be a law firm or a collections agency, and wondered whether the amounts you see charged are reasonable. Because many of us in this business offer to handle your collections at […]

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Pudlit: An Investor's Silver Bullet

It used to be a good thing when investors bought a foreclosed home, because associations could collect all of the assessments that were unpaid before the foreclosure. Now the tables have turned and the investors have found their silver bullet. Learn what you can do to protect your interests! We in the industry have a […]

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