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Corporate Transparency Act Deemed Unconstitutional

In representing hundreds of small business owners and non-profits (including homeowners associations and condominium associations), our Firm has been asked several times about how the Corporate Transparency Act ("CTA") would affect their business and impact their own individual privacy. When enacted, the CTA required certain entities to disclose information about their "beneficial owners" to the […]

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Florida Condo Prices are Falling: What it Means for Your Board

The landscape for condominium home ownership is undergoing significant changes. Recent reports from Redfin indicate a stark contrast between the national trend of rising condo prices and the reality in Florida (https://fortune.com/2024/02/27/florida-condo-prices-dropping-insurance-hoa/). Condominium sales prices in Jacksonville have seen a nearly 7% decrease year over year, while Miami experienced an almost 3% decline. The culprit […]

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Florida Legislature Considers Ban on Estoppel Fees

Should all homeowners pay for estoppel certificates when one owner is looking to sell? The Florida Senate is considering a new law to eliminate estoppel fees charged by homeowners and condominium associations (See, 2024 Senate Bill 278, https://legiscan.com/FL/text/S0278/id/2852034). An estoppel certificate is typically ordered by a title company as part of a closing for a […]

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